Voices of TOMORROW - Getting your local administration ready for transition roadmapping process

Vice-Mayor of Brasov and Vice-Mayor of Mouscron discuss transition roadmapping with Drift and Energy Cities

Interview with Flavia Boghiu (City of Brasov), Ann Cloet (City of Mouscron) and Giorgia Silvestri (DRIFT)

If you want to trigger big change in a city you essentially need 2 things: a great deal of political will and people in the administration who know how to go about it. Such a massive change is underway in the cities of Brasov in Romania and in Mouscron in Belgium. Both cities have been working with the so-called “transition management” approach which should make them carbon-neutral by 2050. This quite recent methodology offers concrete steps to improve rather than invent public services from scratch. For this episode I was joined by Vice-Mayor Flavia Boghiu from Brasov, Ann Cloet, who is Vice-Mayor of Mouscron and transition management expert Giorgia Silvestri from the research institute DRIFT. Flavia, Ann and Giorgia explain how, in the past 3 years, city services were redesigned in view of even stronger sustainable energy and climate actions on the ground.

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